Why Buy Diamonds?

In our lives, diamonds serves as undying representations of unforgettable and special events. We receive and also give diamonds as gestures of trust, love and friendship. Diamonds symbolize strength, wealth, virtue, as well as everlasting love all through history.

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Diamonds are recognized as the birthstone for the month of April, and are also used to celebrate sixty-year anniversaries. They provide themes to renowned historical events and also countless fictional stories.


The first Engagement ring made of diamond that was documented belonged to Mary of Burgundy in the year 1477AD prior to her marriage with the Archduke of Austria, Maximilian. This custom has continued ever since then in Western societies and traditions nowadays. Although this association with diamonds most commonly known, they can as well be given as gifts in different jewelry forms for other reasons.


When an anniversary diamond ring is given, it is given in essence to renew vows or reaffirm ones unconditional love for their partners after a long period of time. Diamonds are now commonly bought as a gift to oneself ever since the recent introduction of the right-handring as it has always been something we always wanted. To make an amazing gift for Mother’s Day, a diamond ring can be used and also upon arrival of a new born baby. Quite a few numbers of people presents their children with small diamonds as they age gradually, sweet sixteen, bat mitzvah, or Quinceanera.


If you consider the diamond ring as not your style, there are other jewelries made from these precious gems.


Diamond earrings are made accessible in an extensive array of shapes, sizes and styles. Earrings serve as great gifts for any occasion; they are also beautiful accessories to complement an outfit. Diamond earrings arrive in traditional single diamond studs, drop, leaver back, hoop, dangle, and even clip-on if wanted. Diamond earrings set can also be found in fashionable and fun shapes like flowers, animals, or religious symbols.


One other diamond jewelry regularly seen is the indispensable diamond line bracelet, also called tennis bracelet. These tennis bracelets are elegant accents, slim and set in a proportioned diamond pattern. The tennis bracelet jewelry trend started when popular tennis, Chris Evert misplaced one of her diamond line bracelets which were trademarked during the U.S. open of 1987. The game was temporarily suspended for her to search for it in the court. This event is famous for making diamond tennis bracelet popular.


Diamond necklaces has been the heir of enchantment and mystery for long and not limited to tales of fantasy and romance. Throughout history, affluent figures have been seen adoring this jeweled collar on their necks and have seen these diamond necklaces as a symbol of merit. To make certain that any wearer feels priceless, a diamond necklace can assure that as it is a stunning illustration of adoration and romance.


A very close relative to the diamond necklace is the diamond pendant. Thismodest treasure can be found dangling around a graceful neck lightly from a chain with the delicate proposition of a magnificent design. To give a gift to someone special to you, a diamond pendant is the perfect option and it is a symbol of timeless excellence.


Diamonds are just not for women only. They also make grand accessories for men as well. Necklaces, casual rings, and bracelets have become very popular nowadays for men and they are made in a wide diversity of fashion to choose from. Just as easy as it gets, diamonds can be found traditionally in tie tacks, watches, and cufflinks. It is no longer hard to find the perfect diamond gift for a gentleman.


A perfect gesture to demonstrate how much someone means to you is through diamond gifts. Prove to your niece you care so much for her with a sparkling diamond pendant. With a brand new pair of diamond stud earrings, tell your closest friend she is so special to you. Make your Dad smile with a new diamond accented watch for Father’s Day. It doesn’t matter the shape, style or color, diamonds are loved by everyone. An impressive statement cannot be better made any other way.


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