An Elegant History of Men’s Cufflinks

Men’s cufflinks have always been associated with high society. Even today, a man is often thought to be rich and powerful if he is wearing a set of custom cufflinks. The start of this trend in thinking began with the first cufflinks that were ever worn.


The History of Modern Cufflinks

Before the cufflink, men’s shirt sleeves were held together by ribbon. Tailors made the openings for the head and arms larger so that there was plenty of room to take the shirt on and off.


By the mid-13th century, tailors started to add buttons to pin shirt sleeves together, rather than ribbon. This trend grew in popularity until the early 16th century when two buttons started to appear on men’s shirts. The buttons became ornate with a chain link connecting them. These “sleeve buttons” became very popular with the upper class when men started to wear them to commemorate special events, such as weddings, with this accessory. King Charles II is credited for keeping cufflinks part of high society. Because he was often seen wearing them each and every time he went out in public.


These ornate custom cufflinks were called sleeve buttons until 1788 when the first record term “cufflink” was used. By this time, the cufflink was a part of every male of wealth’s wardrobe. This trend, which had started out in England, was spreading quickly throughout Europe. Men were starting to add jewels and monograms to their custom cufflinks. A new jewel material called glass paste help to fuel more elaborate and ornate cufflinks. The cufflink design however had not changed. It was still two fat metals the size of a button connected by a chain.


Because the cufflink had to be made by hand from a jeweler, only men of wealth were able to purchase them. With the Industrial Revolution, quantities of cufflinks started to rise while the price began to fall. This allowed more men to begin purchasing mass produced cufflinks for a fraction of the cost. This new production method also brought us the fix back cufflink design.


As production continued to increase, businessmen started to make the cufflink part of their everyday wardrobe. By the 1920′s, the cufflink was no longer thought of as a formal attire accessory only. Designers started to come out with inexpensive, basic designs that everyman could use. This also gave way to inventing the “whale back” and toggle closure that are most commonly used today. Because of the ease of production, custom cufflinks began to decline but were still ordered for special occasion.


Cufflinks Today

After the 1960′s, cufflinks started to fall out of popularity. This was mostly due to shirt manufactures designing formal shirts with button already on the sleeves. Cufflinks were still popular among top executives and people of high society but the everyday men were no longer wearing this symbol of stature. Despite this short decline in use, cufflinks today are still as popular today as ever among men with French cuff shirts who wish to wear custom cufflinks and novelty cufflinks that fit any occasion. From working at the office to going out dancing at a club, men today understand the style, class, and sophistication these cufflinks provide.


History shows us how important men’s cufflinks were and their importance in our wardrobe still today. Whether you are looking for custom cufflinks with your initials, your name, or your company’s logo or a pair of fabulous and classic cufflinks should be an intricate part of your wardrobe.


Cuff Connection offers a wide variety of men’s cufflinks for all occasions. Visit them online for information about novelty cufflinks, engraved cufflinks for men, and elegant cufflinks.


Pinto Gold is one of the best Toronto Jewelry shops for men who are looking for Cufflinks. Our selection of jewelry is constantly changing, as we find new to us pieces that we know our customers will love.

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Cartier Watches – French Royalty at Its Finest!

When one thinks of ‘luxury’, different picture’s come to one’s mind. Some might think of Kings and or Queen’s, other may think of Emperors and Princes, while some might think of Knights and Fair maidens. Whatever come’s to your mind when thinking of luxury, the French and their influence on our economy and our culture is clearly evident. From the beginning of the modern age, the French has been a constant competitor with the English in trade, art, fashion, industry and royalty. What better expresses one’s genuineness and authenticity than an attractive piece of jewelry, to be specific, a luxury watch or timepiece? French made, Cartier luxury watches is the epitome of French royalty and design.

Founded in 1847 by Frenchman Louis-Francois Cartier, Cartier’s grandsons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques helped lead and propel the name Cartier to its current worldwide status. In 1904, due to a Brazilian aviator’s complaint’s pertaining to, at that time, traditional pocket watches, Cartier created the first, flat wrist bezel watch, unique in design, prestigious in quality.


From that time on, the Cartier brand has designed a wide range of designs and models, such as the Cartier Mystery Clock, the famous, war inspired, Cartier Tank Watch and Cartier Monde. Many different owners’ has controlled the Cartier name but never altering the famous Cartier quality. Cartier is also one of the most sought after luxury watches on the planet. Celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Princess Caroline, Meryl Streep, Donna Karan, Rod Stewart and other’s.


For example, record breaking sales watch, the Cartier Tank wristwatch, often come’s with 18k gold plated bands. Sparkling with diamond(s) impeded throughout, with scratch resistant frames, given to a variety of colors. This is what a call class ladies’ and gentlemen. Men and women are welcome to explore their huge field of French luxury, class, style and prestige. While wearing Cartier, one can’t help but know that they are wearing the best that the world of timepieces has to offer. So when you think of luxury, make sure that the French inspired, Cartier brand is at the top of your short list.


Cartier is also known for setting the standard for design in luxury watches. Cartier makes the best designs around in its luxury watches. When buying a cartier watch you can feel confident that you have the best watch design around.

Cariter Watches on sale at Cartier is a fine french company that makes luxury watches. The Watchery sells authentic cartier watches at below wholesale prices.


Pinto Gold has a wide catalogue of Toronto Watches you can surf. On, you will see various luxury wrist watches and brands of jewelry e.g. Bell & Ross, Baume Mercier, Audemars Piguet, Bulgari, Breguet, Cartier, Chopard, Tag Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and Girard Perregaux.

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Vintage Brooches Make the Ideal Gift

Are you looking for an extra special and unique gift for a lovely lady? Jewelry is always welcome but you want something you know will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Vintage brooches are an ideal solution. They come in all shapes, sizes, forms and colors and can be found from just a couple of pounds to many thousands of pounds.


The special thing about vintage brooches is that they are miniature wearable works of art and because they are vintage your gift is unlikely to be duplicated by anyone else.This introduction to vintage brooches is intended for the gift giver – just a few ideas of the sort of thing that your lady might love.


For a young girl: How about a vintage brooch in the form of her favorite animal – a cat , dog or horse? For a teenager: A vintage brooch in the latest fashion colors and for a girl friend how about a vintage gold and diamond brooch? Mum or Grandma will be delighted with a vintage brooch in the form of a bunch or basket of flowers. A flower brooch will last so much longer than a bunch of flowers and your gift will be appreciated for many years to come.


So how do you find and purchase a vintage brooch? The internet is an ideal source and vintage are available for all tastes and for those with shallow and deep pockets. Just Type “Vintage Brooches” into Google and there you are. If this is the first vintage brooch your lady will own that you look for something bright and cheerful in the colors she wears. Your gift of a vintage brooch may well spark a lifetimes interest in collecting these special pieces.


Visit Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry store offering extraordinary jewelry and services to all of their customers. Pinto Gold offers a wide catalogue: the most particular brooches can represent animals or leaves having geometric patterns. Other products you can explore include Toronto Watches, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and much more…

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Men’s Bracelets That Reflect Your Personality

You will be astonished to know that ornate bracelets are fast becoming the most coveted fashion accessories of stylish men across the globe! The classy look of this sticky jewelry will add further to your appeal. But interesting is that when you wear these stylish men’s jewelry even your girlfriend will be astonished to see the grand transition in you. Eventually, she will be flowed on you, and you can rule her heart!


The most treasure worthy thing about men’s jewelry is that it adds to your personality! If you worry constantly about your looks and get anxious thinking that you might look like mismatch in a party where people depict how fashionable they are, you can cheer up now. The steel bracelets and tungsten rings can give you the stylish metamorphosis you have always wanted but felt that it is impossible to achieve. So, don’t you think it is a highly desirable solution that can save you from getting embarrassed due to your looks?


But now you might ponder about the types of men’s fashion jewelry that you can buy. So, here are the list mens bracelets which are fashion accessories and lifestyle jewelries at the same time.


Square bracelets
Some men want things to be straight and edgy. For them a square lifestyle bracelet is an ideal option. A steel colored square will be perfect for any occasion. These are mostly solid bracelets which have plate like structures.


Chain bracelets
These are perhaps the most popular varieties of bracelets that men love to wear. Actually, these bracelets have a universal appeal and look compatible with each and every dress a man wears. Moreover, they can be worn by men of any age. If you make a search at the store then you will find thick chains as well as slim chains that suit your choice. The construction of these bracelets is also very interesting. A network of units is joined in the form of a chain which link with each other via a petite metallic plate etched with metal work.


OPS bracelets
If you are in a mood of fun and frolic or you define yourself as a happy go lucky man then you must get yourself an OPS bracelet. The colorful attribute of these bracelets will add further color to your personality. Even more interesting is the fact that you can wear this funky medical bracelet on a Valentine’s Day party too because some OPS bracelets are custom made with soft hearts dangling from them to depict that love is in the air!

Do you think you can have any jewelry more fashionable than these stylish mens bracelets? Perhaps not!


Visit Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry store offering extraordinary jewelry and services to all of our customers. Our selection of jewelry is constantly changing, as we find new to us pieces that we know our customers will love.
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Buying Your Diamond Jewelry from Quality Toronto Jewelry Stores To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Diamond Jewelry

Unless you are sure of what you are looking for, visiting a jewelry store can make you feel awkward. When you go shopping for diamond jewelry, you should keep a couple of things in mind. One of the most advised things to do is to buy from a reliable store like Pinto Gold in Toronto. That’s because some sellers keep the flaws in diamond hidden from view and enhance their price. A reliable trader shouldn’t keep that piece of information away from the buyers.

Selecting genuine pieces of diamond jewelry can be quite an overwhelming job as all diamonds are certainly shining and attractive. Here are ways to help you make the right selection:


The 4 C’s: Diamonds are characterized by the four C’s, namely cut, clarity, color and carats. These are the features that decide the price of a diamond. The size of a gem matters as well. Contrary to popular belief that all diamonds are crystal clear, they are not. In fact, they have yellowish or brownish hue around them. The most pricey diamonds are colorless and transparent. The weight of a diamond is measured in terms of carats. It is not difficult to assess that the more carats a diamond has, the higher is the price. Diamond carats are not the same as gold carats, the two are quite different. The clarity of diamonds refers to the presence of any flaws within or outside the diamonds. Any kind of flaws in a diamond reduces its price. However, it is not possible to see these flaws through naked eyes. The cut determines the profile of any diamond and depends only on the skills of the craftsman.


Price: We know that diamonds are costly. Before you go out looking for diamonds, keep that fact in mind. Yet, you can procure moderately expensive pieces of diamond jewelry when you shop on the Internet. You probably know that the prices of the items available online are most often lower than what you may be asked to pay while buying from a physical store. That is mainly because online dealers have low overhead expenses, as they are not required to have many employees or pay massive rentals for their stores. You can surely locate wholesalers of diamond jewelry selling their wares at very competitive prices by keeping their profits and overhead expenses low.


Sellers: Buying diamonds on the Internet could prove to be quite risky. Certainly, there are many reliable sellers, offering goods at very reasonable prices and exceptionally attractive terms. But then, it will be quite logical to believe that there are people selling fake items, including diamonds. It is not a pleasant thought to pay a substantial amount of cash for trinkets. That makes it absolutely important to use only reliable stores that have requisite certificates for selling gems. You can always check the online reviews posted by other buyers before buying expensive jewelry from an online store, to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable store. Buying jewelry items through auctions is not a good idea for an average buyer, unaware of the tricks of the trade.


Specialized vendors: Diamonds are generally sold as a part of jewelry by jewelry shops or dealers offering top class designs at predefined prices. Creative designers keep introducing the latest designs in market. The price of a piece of diamond jewelry depends not only on its 4C’s, but also on the skillfully designed and polished diamonds it contains and the overall design of that piece.

The normal practice for most stores is to display an attractive range of jewelry in one part of the display window to attract customers and offer a range of precious stones in different metals. The present trend is to set precious stones in gold, platinum and silver.


Diamond merchants keep looking for prospective buyers who would buy their stuff in bulk. Naturally, their clients are manufacturers of diamond jewelry or wealthy individuals. They usually sell polished diamonds in unset forms. They employ appropriate machinery and skilled workers who can cut and polish diamonds in eye-catching designs to lure customers.


However, many people prefer renowned diamond jewelry shops, not because they are pretentious, but because they realize the benefits of buying from reputed stores. For buying a costly item, such as a diamond, it’s recommended to use a renowned store to ensure that you get a genuine diamond with the best of 4 C’s.


Surf our website or come at Pinto Gold jewelry store in Toronto to find the best diamond rings, earrings, and bracelets. Other products we sell include Toronto Watches, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery and much more…
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The Shine Brought Back by a Good Jewelry Cleaner


When jewelry is thoroughly polished and cleaned, it will shine. Most people keep valuables at home such as emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These are mostly made in gold, silver or platinum. Most of these jewels have been passed down from one generation to another.


A jewelry’s shine can be lost if a jewelry cleaner doesn’t take proper care of it. If you cherish and protect your jewelry, you should endeavor to locate a very good jewelry cleaner such as Pinto Gold so that those priceless pieces don’t become blemished.


Jewelry of different types needs different special care. This is why most jewelry owners must find out the jewelry cleaners that can recommend the best care for their jewelry. There are several jewelry cleaners with several jobs, some involve the removal of tarnishes from metals like silver, which are prone to losing its shine with time. Certain kind of strips can be kept with jewelry so as to keep the tarnishes away rather than regularly polishing these pieces.


Some of these cleanings can be taken care of by jewel bags if they are used to preserve your precious jewels the proper way. If you want your jewels to be stored shiny and bright, the cost of the jewelry cleaner should be worth it.


The original shine that was present when the pieces were first acquired can be redeemed back by the jewelry cleaners, but they have to be extremely careful while cleaning so as not to allow the jewelry to be damaged by the cleaning substances. Some examples: bubbling tablets are used by some effective jewelry cleaners which protect the jewelry. These bubbling tablets are specially packed in a container with just the right quantity of cleansers. These are easily transported when going on trips which make the jewelry cleaner available all the time.


Jewelry cleaners are aided by some of the latest technology which helps in making boxes with sonic types. Bubbles are then created from these sonic cleaners which then float into the tiny spaces around the jewelry that can’t be seen or easily reached. The jewelry once more shines again, after the dirt and grease have been gotten rid off. Keys and wristwatches can be cleaned with this machine.


Several of these machines have timers which enable the jewelry to be kept in the cleaner according to the time you want it set. Temperature regulators are also attached to these machines. This regulates the temperature during the cleaning process to protect it from damage. Also, several of these machines are programmed to clean with only water so as to remove dangerous substances like ammonia which could harm fine jewelry.

Bring your jewelry at Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry Stores and we will take care of it.

The Best Idea of Jewelry Gift for Your Wife

jewelry as a gift

No matter if it’s her birthday, your own anniversary or even a regular holiday such as Valentines Day or even Christmas. In terms of finding the best jewelry gift for wife, you cannot go awry, using a gift of sterling silver jewelry. The soft white-colored glow of the well-crafted bit of silver jewelry is shown within the glow in her own eyes when she opens up the box. Within she locates a treasure that displays the industry of the bond between the two of yourself. However for most men, discovering exactly what is the proper bit of jewelry is definitely a difficult task, only one of the very most satisfying jewelry gifts for her, but Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry Store is a place where elegance and light meets, thanks to the selection of fine jewelry and prestigious brands. Listed here are three techniques to discover the bit of silver sterling jewelry that’s the right phrase of your feelings for your wife.


Try Different

For a lot of men, it is only simpler to usually get her exactly the same thing that they liked this past year. It can feel safe as well as predictable, however, it could be a trap. Shake things up a bit – demonstrate to her that you’re considering this jewelry gift some thought, making it a rest from the practice of the same kind of dinner out or perhaps a dozen roses. When the perfect day comes around, present your wife with anything totally unpredicted, like a charm bracelet which celebrates her achievements or even a charming stack associated with daisy stacking rings which will seem like your wife is wearing an upcountry field upon her finger. Attract the gypsy in her spirit and provide her a marvelous stack of thin silver bangles selected from your wide selection of jewelry gifts for wife. Wrap all of them up in a silken scarf which will present her with plenty of room to become that intimate and unexplainable person you realize resides inside within all her.


Ensure it is Personal

Even though you might think it is really an apparent one, it’s not always to everyone. Don’t ask another person to help you pick it out. Do not employ a “personal shopper” to choose a bit of jewelry gift for wife. If you really would like the gift you give her to mirror the relationship you’ve or wish to have with your wife, you must do one extremely important thing. Pick it out yourself. So when you are doing, take into account the person you’re purchasing this for. There are plenty of types of jewelry; from your raw, simple a Chris Lewis Denim Bangle towards the natural-like great thing about the Rose Bracelet the present should reflect the flavor or outlook from the woman. You realize her like few other people; imagine her putting it on before you purchase it.


Become the Romantic

There’s a belief that a lot of comics make jokes regarding men providing their wives sensible gifts just like a hammer or perhaps a kitchen gadget. Even when she’s the type of woman which is comfy around power tools or likes to spend her time off in the kitchen, that does not mean she doesn’t have her romantic hero now and then. Express of precisely how passionate you’re, and will continually be with regards to her. The very next time that gift giving chance appears, show your passionate affiliate with a jewelry gift for wife that discloses your heart to her. It is sometimes only a simple thing just like a piece of sterling silver jewelry which says I Love You to provide a tear to your wife’s eye.


You know ladies love new things. They change their stuffs i.e clothing and all on regular basis. This makes them sometimes go for something that does not go out of vogue after sometime. A perfect example of this is a jewelry. All the beauty, shine and glitter that come with the jewelry will not go out of vogue for a long time.


We at Pinto Gold have some jewelries lasting long enough to be handed over to one’s loved ones. We are located in Toronto, Canada, where you can find several jewelry items for men, women and kids. Products we sell include Toronto Watches, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gold Jewellery and much more…

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Are Titanium Wedding Rings the Wave of the Future?

The wedding ring is the most familiar item used among several traditions in matrimonial ceremonies and celebrations. Ancient history records a tradition of couples putting on bands to show a faithful love towards one another. A band of 18 karat gold usually makes up a wedding ring in the past, but in recent times there have been more designs made in wedding rings. There are more beautiful designed wedding rings, Bands of white gold, platinum and a choice liked by many people: titanium, though the traditional plain gold bands are still available.


Titanium wedding rings which are very beautiful usually cost less than the gold or platinum rings. These as resulted in its continuous increase of use among several couples around the world. Even though Titanium rings are as beautiful as the gold or platinum rings they cost hundreds of dollars less. Titanium rings is a good choice for couples who due to budget limitations cannot afford the gold rings because they are as well beautiful and durable.


They are even stronger and can last longer than the traditional gold rings. When couples especially the men because they are much harder on their rings, put on gold rings for a long time it begins to wear and tear but Titanium rings are known to have a longer durability. They have a much greater resistivity to heat, cold and extreme pressure than gold or platinum. Titanium is strong. It can be used in space shuttle.


Rings which do not have a smooth alloy are very uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation. Titanium wedding rings have smooth alloys and are comfortable when being worn on the skin. Titanium ring is a very good alternative for people who usually have allergic reactions, because this ring has a smooth alloy.


Titanium ring can be a good choice when searching for wedding rings, but don’t forget to consider traditional gold or platinum rings. Visit Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry Store to find the best wedding rings.

Brilliant Jewelry Choices

There is a trendy fashion style which women try to maintain by all means and they do this by mainly focusing on the use of jewelry pieces to coordinate a wardrobe that is fashionable. One good thing about these fashion accessories is that they can be tastefully placed on many parts of the body thus, making the most economical choice of clothes to appear elegant and with style.


Most people are interested in carrying out various experiments with different colors choices and precious metals which are at their disposal in the form of fine jewelry and will spoil themselves with these items when the opportunity calls for it. Choices of to be found in fine jewelry accessories include bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendant which were discovered to make excellent companions that will surprise them for a lifetime.


People usually have a vast array of assortments of fine jewelry styles to choose from at some online store locations such as Pinto Gold. Excellent gems can be bought separately and then mounted into an excellent creation that is unique and personalized. For these stylishly artistic pieces of jewelry, people are usually required to wait for a period of time before they can use them, but the good news about this is that the jewelry pieces are definitely worth waiting for.


People that are in search of beautiful looking gold can also choose gems to go with them. These gems should be elegantly presented in a brilliant collection of twisted stones and metals that are equally overwhelming and are ready-to-wear right there at the jewelry counter. Online jewelry shop customers will be surprised to open their beautiful gift boxes and find the final product beautifully displayed before their eyes.


Whenever people decorate their bodies with pendants, they are allowing a touch of light to accent their bodies. The light in question can come from a light piercing a good diamond, or even a rich glow which is released from a delicious red ruby. An individual can choose to ornament his/her body with precious metals that are made in gold, platinum or silver and can be personalized by placing each piece in a favorite precious gem on a pedestal that is oval in shape and accented with circles of diamonds or pearls.


A lot of jewelry items are made in blended tones of gold and silver which make an elegant jewelry piece that can be worn and often adored for a very long time. Diverse varieties of diamond earrings are now available for people to choose from, and they can also alternate their daily choice of jewelry between those that dangle, studded back or provide an air of complexity to any outfit.


Diamonds can be purchased in various collections of color choices. People tend to complement their fashion with diamonds which are colored in irradiated black, blue white and green and also maintain a diamond earring arsenal which is equal in style to those obtainable in the richest social circles across the globe. These elegantly designed and entertaining diamond jewelry pieces provide people with great opportunity to dress in stylish radiance for any occasion which may come their way.


It will interest you to know that there are no set down rules guiding the choice of jewelry which best suits a particular purpose or occasion. Choices of fine jewelry still remain a personal affair and this is one thing that women languish over for several hours. When gold is chosen by the wearer, it tends to have better warmth since it is reflective of their personal taste and personality.


Are you looking for the best Toronto Jewelry Stores? Then consider visiting our Pinto Gold Jewelry Store. Our selection of jewelry is constantly changing, as we find new to us pieces that we know our customers will love. Products we sell include Toronto Watches, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery and much more…


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Estate Silver Jewelry Is The Latest Fashion Trend

Ever heard of sterling silver? Sterling silver is an excellent choice in estate jewelry. It is easy to care for, beautiful and sustainable. Although purchasing estate jewelry sterling silver can be fun, it’s still confusing.

Estate Silver Jewelry

Whether you want to add sterling silver to your jewelry pack or you want to get it as a gift for someone special, it’s crucial that understand the terms used in the industry. Once you get familiar with the terminology, you will find that you will be able to carry put your purchases with confidence and more importantly, you are better equipped to select only quality pieces of sterling silver jewelry.

Now, the fact that you are buying at a local store, online, in the USA, Europe or in Canada does not matter. Silver has the same terminology all across the globe.


Even though sterling silver jewelry has been in existence for a very long time, it’s popularity today is on the high rise. Buyers are on the search for something unique. Sterling silver has become a popular choice because everyone is aware that the piece is beautiful and durable. Need I mention that it’s affordable?

The history of silver can be dated back to ancient times, but silver has not survived as it shows ill effects from exposure and age. If you take a look at history, you will observe that sterling silver has experienced periods of high popularity than gold and today is one of those periods.


The commonest of all precious metals is silver. Fine silver is referred to as pure silver although it’s not used often as jewelry because of its soft and flexible nature. To find a way around this, fine silver is mixed with copper. 75 parts of copper are mixed with 925 parts of silver. The 75 pieces of copper are enough to firm the silver and make a beautiful piece. This 925 grade is referred to as the sterling silver which is recognized throughout the world as the purest form of silver for jewelry.


The benefits of silver, when compared to gold, cannot be brushed aside. Silver is more flexible and allows for exotic jewelry creation. It has a very light weight. More importantly, it’s not as expensive as gold and trusts me; it will last you for a very extended period, say your lifetime. A gold piece cost six times more than sterling silver.


The fashion trends in vogue today which includes a lot of dark or black materials have increased the popularity of sterling silver as the piece fits well on black. Truth be told, the impact is felt much more than gold.


In our world today, silver is an excellent choice. It helps to keep you beautiful and shiny, just put, silver likes to be worn. You only need to polish it to get rid of the tarnish. Silver can be likened to our wash and wear clothing. No doubt, silver is an excellent jewelry piece.

Are you in the market for quality and beautiful sterling silver piece? Why not check out estate jewelry silver? It’s a piece you don’t want to miss. Surf Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry Store official website here