An Elegant History of Men’s Cufflinks

Men’s cufflinks have always been associated with high society. Even today, a man is often thought to be rich and powerful if he is wearing a set of custom cufflinks. The start of this trend in thinking began with the first cufflinks that were ever worn.


The History of Modern Cufflinks

Before the cufflink, men’s shirt sleeves were held together by ribbon. Tailors made the openings for the head and arms larger so that there was plenty of room to take the shirt on and off.


By the mid-13th century, tailors started to add buttons to pin shirt sleeves together, rather than ribbon. This trend grew in popularity until the early 16th century when two buttons started to appear on men’s shirts. The buttons became ornate with a chain link connecting them. These “sleeve buttons” became very popular with the upper class when men started to wear them to commemorate special events, such as weddings, with this accessory. King Charles II is credited for keeping cufflinks part of high society. Because he was often seen wearing them each and every time he went out in public.


These ornate custom cufflinks were called sleeve buttons until 1788 when the first record term “cufflink” was used. By this time, the cufflink was a part of every male of wealth’s wardrobe. This trend, which had started out in England, was spreading quickly throughout Europe. Men were starting to add jewels and monograms to their custom cufflinks. A new jewel material called glass paste help to fuel more elaborate and ornate cufflinks. The cufflink design however had not changed. It was still two fat metals the size of a button connected by a chain.


Because the cufflink had to be made by hand from a jeweler, only men of wealth were able to purchase them. With the Industrial Revolution, quantities of cufflinks started to rise while the price began to fall. This allowed more men to begin purchasing mass produced cufflinks for a fraction of the cost. This new production method also brought us the fix back cufflink design.


As production continued to increase, businessmen started to make the cufflink part of their everyday wardrobe. By the 1920′s, the cufflink was no longer thought of as a formal attire accessory only. Designers started to come out with inexpensive, basic designs that everyman could use. This also gave way to inventing the “whale back” and toggle closure that are most commonly used today. Because of the ease of production, custom cufflinks began to decline but were still ordered for special occasion.


Cufflinks Today

After the 1960′s, cufflinks started to fall out of popularity. This was mostly due to shirt manufactures designing formal shirts with button already on the sleeves. Cufflinks were still popular among top executives and people of high society but the everyday men were no longer wearing this symbol of stature. Despite this short decline in use, cufflinks today are still as popular today as ever among men with French cuff shirts who wish to wear custom cufflinks and novelty cufflinks that fit any occasion. From working at the office to going out dancing at a club, men today understand the style, class, and sophistication these cufflinks provide.


History shows us how important men’s cufflinks were and their importance in our wardrobe still today. Whether you are looking for custom cufflinks with your initials, your name, or your company’s logo or a pair of fabulous and classic cufflinks should be an intricate part of your wardrobe.


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Vintage Brooches Make the Ideal Gift

Are you looking for an extra special and unique gift for a lovely lady? Jewelry is always welcome but you want something you know will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Vintage brooches are an ideal solution. They come in all shapes, sizes, forms and colors and can be found from just a couple of pounds to many thousands of pounds.


The special thing about vintage brooches is that they are miniature wearable works of art and because they are vintage your gift is unlikely to be duplicated by anyone else.This introduction to vintage brooches is intended for the gift giver – just a few ideas of the sort of thing that your lady might love.


For a young girl: How about a vintage brooch in the form of her favorite animal – a cat , dog or horse? For a teenager: A vintage brooch in the latest fashion colors and for a girl friend how about a vintage gold and diamond brooch? Mum or Grandma will be delighted with a vintage brooch in the form of a bunch or basket of flowers. A flower brooch will last so much longer than a bunch of flowers and your gift will be appreciated for many years to come.


So how do you find and purchase a vintage brooch? The internet is an ideal source and vintage are available for all tastes and for those with shallow and deep pockets. Just Type “Vintage Brooches” into Google and there you are. If this is the first vintage brooch your lady will own that you look for something bright and cheerful in the colors she wears. Your gift of a vintage brooch may well spark a lifetimes interest in collecting these special pieces.


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Men’s Bracelets That Reflect Your Personality

You will be astonished to know that ornate bracelets are fast becoming the most coveted fashion accessories of stylish men across the globe! The classy look of this sticky jewelry will add further to your appeal. But interesting is that when you wear these stylish men’s jewelry even your girlfriend will be astonished to see the grand transition in you. Eventually, she will be flowed on you, and you can rule her heart!


The most treasure worthy thing about men’s jewelry is that it adds to your personality! If you worry constantly about your looks and get anxious thinking that you might look like mismatch in a party where people depict how fashionable they are, you can cheer up now. The steel bracelets and tungsten rings can give you the stylish metamorphosis you have always wanted but felt that it is impossible to achieve. So, don’t you think it is a highly desirable solution that can save you from getting embarrassed due to your looks?


But now you might ponder about the types of men’s fashion jewelry that you can buy. So, here are the list mens bracelets which are fashion accessories and lifestyle jewelries at the same time.


Square bracelets
Some men want things to be straight and edgy. For them a square lifestyle bracelet is an ideal option. A steel colored square will be perfect for any occasion. These are mostly solid bracelets which have plate like structures.


Chain bracelets
These are perhaps the most popular varieties of bracelets that men love to wear. Actually, these bracelets have a universal appeal and look compatible with each and every dress a man wears. Moreover, they can be worn by men of any age. If you make a search at the store then you will find thick chains as well as slim chains that suit your choice. The construction of these bracelets is also very interesting. A network of units is joined in the form of a chain which link with each other via a petite metallic plate etched with metal work.


OPS bracelets
If you are in a mood of fun and frolic or you define yourself as a happy go lucky man then you must get yourself an OPS bracelet. The colorful attribute of these bracelets will add further color to your personality. Even more interesting is the fact that you can wear this funky medical bracelet on a Valentine’s Day party too because some OPS bracelets are custom made with soft hearts dangling from them to depict that love is in the air!

Do you think you can have any jewelry more fashionable than these stylish mens bracelets? Perhaps not!


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The Shine Brought Back by a Good Jewelry Cleaner


When jewelry is thoroughly polished and cleaned, it will shine. Most people keep valuables at home such as emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These are mostly made in gold, silver or platinum. Most of these jewels have been passed down from one generation to another.


A jewelry’s shine can be lost if a jewelry cleaner doesn’t take proper care of it. If you cherish and protect your jewelry, you should endeavor to locate a very good jewelry cleaner such as Pinto Gold so that those priceless pieces don’t become blemished.


Jewelry of different types needs different special care. This is why most jewelry owners must find out the jewelry cleaners that can recommend the best care for their jewelry. There are several jewelry cleaners with several jobs, some involve the removal of tarnishes from metals like silver, which are prone to losing its shine with time. Certain kind of strips can be kept with jewelry so as to keep the tarnishes away rather than regularly polishing these pieces.


Some of these cleanings can be taken care of by jewel bags if they are used to preserve your precious jewels the proper way. If you want your jewels to be stored shiny and bright, the cost of the jewelry cleaner should be worth it.


The original shine that was present when the pieces were first acquired can be redeemed back by the jewelry cleaners, but they have to be extremely careful while cleaning so as not to allow the jewelry to be damaged by the cleaning substances. Some examples: bubbling tablets are used by some effective jewelry cleaners which protect the jewelry. These bubbling tablets are specially packed in a container with just the right quantity of cleansers. These are easily transported when going on trips which make the jewelry cleaner available all the time.


Jewelry cleaners are aided by some of the latest technology which helps in making boxes with sonic types. Bubbles are then created from these sonic cleaners which then float into the tiny spaces around the jewelry that can’t be seen or easily reached. The jewelry once more shines again, after the dirt and grease have been gotten rid off. Keys and wristwatches can be cleaned with this machine.


Several of these machines have timers which enable the jewelry to be kept in the cleaner according to the time you want it set. Temperature regulators are also attached to these machines. This regulates the temperature during the cleaning process to protect it from damage. Also, several of these machines are programmed to clean with only water so as to remove dangerous substances like ammonia which could harm fine jewelry.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Gold Jewelry

Are you looking for that perfect Gold jewelry piece that will suit your taste and class? These Do’s and don’ts will guide you on how to get that jewelry of your dreams and choice.

Gold Jewelry

Whether you are buying gold jewelry for a loved one or for your humble self, it is a very tough decision to decide where to buy the best fine jewelry. This jewelry is an item you will cherish for a very long time. Since it can last a lifetime, it is, therefore, important that you make a wise decision in your choice. Find below, some quick do’s and don’ts to bear in mind when buying gold jewelry.


Make sure you buy Gold from a trusted company

If you are in need of fine jewelry, it is important you choose a company or Web store that specializes in them. Never expect to buy fine jewelry from a company that is into everything. By buying from a trusted specialized company, you stand a chance of getting helped by a professional who will personally assist and provide a wide range of gold jewelry. Companies like Pinto Gold in Toronto which has both an e-commerce and a shop are the best choice.

Try to be specific in your online search and also make sure you gather enough information about the company before making a purchase.


Look for Guarantees or Warranties so as to obtain value for your money

Before ordering or making a purchase from a company (online or offline) try to research on their return policy. The policy will give you a clear picture of what you can do if the jewelry is not what you expected or has a defect. Choose companies which offer manufacturer’s warranties so that your purchase can be covered in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Don’t just shop for discounted price, go for quality

It is quite a huge temptation to be able to buy two pieces of jewelry at the price of one. Most often than not, we regard it as a great bargain. Buying a fine jewelry goes beyond the price, it is all about quality. Before buying gold jewelry, check for the karat or quality mark to see if it’s real gold or not. Always put it in the back of your mind that the karat is an indication of what percentage of gold the jewelry has. For example, 24K is regarded as pure gold, 18K as 75 percent gold, 14K as 58.3 percent gold, and 10K as 41.6 percent gold respectively. The other percentage is usually made up of different metals and alloy that add up to give form and strength to the jewelry item.


Don’t be in a Haste to purchase

Do not be in a hurry to purchase a fine jewelry, try to look around and consider other gold jewelry prices and quality before making a decision. Ask questions about the factors to determine whether the fine jewelry is worth the price or not. Before paying for the gold jewelry, consider the following; karat and total weight, engravings and designs, look and feel ornamental details, and the finish.


Avoid buying from Suspicious Companies or Persons

If you are not sure of the person or company’s authenticity, it is better not to buy from them. This will save you from buying fake or stolen pieces of jewelry. Make sure you buy jewelry from trusted and reputable companies and individuals that specialize in fine jewelry or gold.


Always remember the Clasp and Measurements

When buying fine jewelry or gold for others, try to know their ring, neck, and wrist or ankle size as the case may be before purchasing it. Whether your choice is gold earrings, bracelets, bangles or any other type of jewelry, it is of paramount importance that you know the size that will fit that special someone. Check the clasp also to be sure it is easy to attach and is of high quality.


These tips can be used as a starting point and guide to get that gold jewelry of your dreams. As earlier said, if chosen well, the right gold jewelry can be worn for a lifetime.


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